Dressing is the process of sharpening diamond particles in diamond bond matrix in order for the diamond particles to freely penetrate into the material, minimize loads, and provide good cut quality.

Another reason for dressing blades is to clean a loaded blade from debris that is filling the pores between the abrasive particles.

Cutting into the dressing plate creates mechanical and thermal stress and thus produces clean surface.

When a blade is rotated at a high speed while mounted eccentrically, there is an adverse impact on cutting quality. Processing surface is corrected in concentric circles against the spindle axis. 

Dressing Board Specification

Dressing Board Size:
75*37.5*1.0mm / 75*37.5*2.0mm
75*75*1.0mm / 75*75*2.0mm

Type of grit: SiC (GC), Al203(WA)
Binder: Phenolic Resin


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