Porous ceramic vacuum chuck table supplied to semiconductor industry for silicon wafer dicing or finishing purposes.
It is an uniform compact frame. High strength, good porosity, durable absorption, vision inspection, excellent quality with high efficiency, no pollution and high fixing precision.

Application: Wafer grinder, dicing machine, cleaning machine and etc. 

Optional material for base and frame: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Ceramics
Size range: φ5mm-φ500mm
Micropore size: 5-700um
Porosity: 30-40%
Permeability uniformity: 10 x 10 mm pressure difference(±3 Kpa)
We can design and fabricate non-standard chuck tables according to customers’ requirement.
Refurbish service for worn out porous ceramic with new layer of porous ceramic, the chuck table will return to OEM specification.

Application for Chuck Table

The Flange is a special tool for clamping all kinds of ultra-thin blades on the precision dicing machine.

Application: Mainly use in the cutting field of semiconductor wafers, functional ceramics and optical glass, Compatible with precision dicing machine made in Disco, ADT, TSK, and other domestic precision dicing machines.

The use of titanium alloy material, has the advantages of light weight, high strength, end face runout and small dynamic balance (end jump accuracy ≤ 1um, vibration intensity ≤ 0.3mm / s).

According to the type of blades, it is divided into two categories:
Flange: Clamping blades with hub
Wheel Mount: Clamping hubless blades

The ceramic arm and precision ceramic component materials produced by our company are made of high-purity and ultra-fine powders by high temperature firing and precision processing. They can be matched with relevant equipment in Japan, Germany, the United States, Korea and China, and have superior cost-effectiveness.

Application: Ceramic arm and precision ceramic parts are widely used in LED, semiconductor, photovoltaic, packaging testing, vacuum, wafer processing, machinery and other fields. Compared with metal arm, ceramic arm has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature expansion deformation resistance and long service life.

Dicing Tape is a backing tape used during wafer dicing, the cutting apart of pieces of semiconductor material following wafer microfabrication. The tape holds the pieces of semiconductor, known as die, together during the cutting process, mounting them to a thin metal frame. The die are removed from the dicing tape later on in the electronics manufacturing process.

Semiconductor: Dicing of various types of package (BGA/QFN/DFN), wafer sawing and grinding.
Optoelectronic: Slotting, dicing and pickling of coated glass and ordinary glass.
Others: Process in which work piece should be covered when machining and uncovered after that without adhesive residue.

Non-UV Tape
UV Tape

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